Unilever Future Leaders Program 2013 [01.04.2013]

Which functions are available in Unilever Future Leaders Program 2013?

This year we are looking for Futures Leaders for 6 functions:

- Customer Development
- Marketing
- Finance
- Supply Chain:
Supply Chain – Non Make
Supply Chain – Manufacturing
- Human Resources
- Legal

To learn more about each function, please visit our Functional profile pages.

Who can apply?

- Vietnamese nationality
- A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
- GPA >= 7/10 or 2.8/4 or equivalent
- High interest in FMCG & Unilever business
- Strong conceptual and analytical thinking
- Great interpersonal skills & teamwork
- Passionate to learn & learn fast
- Resilient & Determined to achieve goals
- Leadership potential (ability to plan & organize, lead others)

How to apply?

- Read “Application guideline” to make sure you are well-equipped for Online Application in our system.

- Click “APPLY NOW” to visit our Online Application system.

- Click “Search openings” to search for the suitable program and function you want to apply for.

- After selecting your preferred function with the Job description, click “Apply to our graduate program”.
Create your account in our online application system.

Then follow our instructions in the webpage to provide your information in 6 areas:

- Personal Information
- Education Details
- Experience & Qualifications
- Language & Mobility
- Motivation
- Candidate Declaration

Should your online application be successful, you will be automatically invited to take the Online Aptitude test.

You can take the Test right after finishing your Online Application or take the Test later. But ensure you finish the Test by deadline.

Deadline for Online Application and Aptitude Test is 11:59pm on 1st April 2013.


- You are allowed to create only one account, in which you have to specify your personal ID and other personal information.
- Hence, please make sure you provide exact information in all areas.
- If you are not invited to take the tests, you cannot re-apply for UFLP 2013.
- You can “Save as draft” at any time to complete your application later via logging in your Candidate profile and search for relevant information.
- With Candidate profile, you can follow your application status and get access to your Online Application form and Test link (if you are invited to the Aptitude Test).
- The Aptitude Test will take around 01 hour to finish without interruption.
- Hence, please ensure you spend enough and focused time for them and complete them by 1st April 2013.
- Please do not wait until the last days before the deadline to avoid problems with completing your online application and tests if you are invited to the tests.

Must-read for more successful selection

- Online Application and Aptitude Test- Online Application
- Take your time and make sure you answer all of the questions carefully.
- You do not need to finish your Online Application in one time. During Online Application, you can “Save as draft”, log-out your account and log-in your account later (in a more convenient time to you), by choosing “Saved drafts” and follow the instructions in our webpage to continue your Online Application.
- As Online Aptitude Test is automatically provided to you right after your Online Application (if you are qualified to go through the Online Application) and it takes you around 1 hour to complete the Test before deadline 1 April 2013, please make sure your latest time of finishing Online Application allows you to complete the Aptitude Test before deadline if you are invited to the Online Aptitude Test.
- Please do not wait until the last days before the deadline to avoid high volume of Online Application submission, which might hinder your Online Application and Aptitude Test completion if you are invited to the Test.

Useful tips for successful Online Application

- Be genuine and ensure your details in the online application form reflect the best of yourself.
- Choose your function(s) of career aspiration with clear priorities and explain why with clear and sound reasons.
- Remember to input your up-to-date GPA, the average of your academic scores/marks.
- For questions regarding your experience, describe clearly what you have done, your key role, achievements and key learning points.
- For questions regarding your motivation, be specific and straight to the point.
- Make your answers short and concise with a clear structure.
- Ensure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes.

The Online Aptitude Test

- Please read and follow our instructions in the webpage carefully step-by-step during Online Application.
- Once you complete your Online Application and are invited to the Aptitude Test, you can either continue to take the Test immediately or save your Online Application results and Test link to go back to another time to complete it.
If you decide to take the Test in another time which is more convenient for you, you can save your Online Application results, log-out your account, and log-in at your convenient time, click “Assessments” and follow the Test link to take your test.
- Once you open your Test link, ensure there is no interruption during your time doing the Test. Hence, please choose the most suitable time and place so you can finish the Test effectively and achieve the best results.
- The Test consists of logical reasoning and numerical reasoning tests. You can try out some sample tests at www.psl.co.uk/practice
- Deadline for Online Aptitude Test completion is 11:59pm 1 April 2013.


Those who successfully passed Online Application and Aptitude Test will be invited to Unilever Career Day, where they will have unique experience to interact with Unilever Business Leaders to hear from their career journeys, go through a case study to get a real taste of the functions they’ve opted for and get better advice not only on how to prepare for the next steps of selections process, but on how make the right career choice and grow your career further at Unilever.

Initial Interview:

- Please be genuine and ensure to bring who you are to the Initial Interview.
- That is the best way we can understand you and vice versa, which helps us make the right decision and so it does to you.- Give sharp and straight-to-the-point answers with strong evidence and clarification.

Assessment Centre:

- The outcome of the Assessment Centre will be informed to you within a week, with feedback on your performance.
- This is the last round of the process and successful candidates usually receive an offer to join the UFLP program one to two weeks later.
- The selection will end by the beginning of June, 2013 at the latest. The Induction program of UFLP 2013 will start in the 1st week of August, 2013.
- For those who are not able to work starting from August 2013, we are flexible to consider other joining date, no later than January 3rd, 2014 to accommodate your study plan.
- If you have any queries regarding Online Application and Selection process, contact us at 08-54135686 (ext. 2105 or 2029) or email recruitment.uvn@unilever.com, with the subject of “UFLP 2013”.

More details at http://www.unilever.com.vn/careers/unileverfutureleadersprogram

Register to get updates about UFLP 2013: click here

Company information:

Company name: Unilever Vietnam
156 Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC
Tel: (8) 5 4135686
Website: http://unilever.com.vn/
Email: recruitment.uvn@unilever.com


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