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Bạn nào có đề thi về IT cùng nhau chia sẻ nhé

Mình xin share 1 đề Tiếng anh:

1. Take this road and you the hotel in five minutes
A. Arive
B. Come
C. Find
D. Reach

2. Could you please tell me if you have electric typewriters ........?
A. In store
B. In order
C. In supply
D. In stock

3. I bought a singgle ticket only the bus, but my friend bought a .... one
A. Double
B. Return
C. New
D. Second

4. How much would you.....for repairing my watch ?
A. Charge
B. Cost
C. Pay
D. Spend

5. The....... growth rate ò Viet Nam reached 6.78% in 2010
A. Economy
B. Economic
C. Economics
D. Economically

6. They...... their examinations at the end of the next month
A. Take
B. Took
C. Takes
D. Are going to take

7. Helen is an expert ...drafting the minutes of a meeting
A. With
B. At
C. In
D. For

8. I don't know....
A. How much do I have to pay
B. How much have I to pay
C. How much I have to pay
D. How much I has to pay.

9. Tell him ..... some envelopes, pls
A. Buy
B. To buy
C. Buy to
D. To buy to

10. She is going to apply .... a job in a bank
A. For
B. To
C. With
D. At

1. You must avoid ( make) innecessary mitakkes
2. Try to pay more attention to what I (say)
3. I (eat) a lot ò sweets when I was a child
4. It ( not rain) when we wnet out
5. Serious inflation prevented banks from ( make) the profit target
6. If the price is high, consumers ( try) to use less of it
7. Ann prefers (live) in the country rather than in the city
8. A firm's revenue is the amount it ( earn) by selling goods or services in a given period
9. There are three key variables ( dertermine) money demand - interest rate.
10. The money we need (hold) depends on the value of transaction.

We assume that production in each industry satisfies the law of diminishing returns. Each additional worker adds less to total industry output than the previous additional workers added. For example, consider the firm industry. Beginning from the position of no worker and no output, the first worker employed increases output by 9 units per week. Adding a second worker raises the firm output only by 8 units per week. Adding a third worker increases output by only 7 units per week and the addition of yet more workers leads to even smaller increases in the firm output.

1. What happens when the firm industry takes on additional workers ?
A. Make output.
B. Less output
C. No output
D. The same output

2. How many units does the firm industry produce after employing the second worker ?
A. 7 units per week
B. 8 units per week
C. 17 units per week
D. 24 units per week

3. What does the " law of diminishing return " mean ?
A. More employees, more output
B. More employees, less productivities
C. More employees, les output
d. More employees, the same output

1. high/ inflation/ banking/ business/ negatively/ impact/ on
2. Have/ result/ in/ on/ VND/ strong/ pressure/ current account/ deficit
3. Committed/ Viet Nam 's/ have/ in/ declining/ trend/ be/ since/ 2008/ FDI

Đáp án tham khảo

I. 1A 2D 3B 4C 5B 6D 7C 8C 9B 10A
II. 1-making 2- am saying 4-didn't rain 3-ate 5-making
6-will try 7-living 8-earned 9- to determine 10-to hold
IV. High inflation impacts on banking business
Viet Nam 's FDI has been committed in declining trend since 2008
Cho mình hỏi Viettin thi IT có test chuyên môn không? Nếu có bài test nhờ bạn up hộ lên UB cho mọi người tham khảo với nhé. Xin cám ơn
Mình thi IT đợt này mà tiếng anh và IQ mông lung quá. Ra trường 7 năm rồi. Tiếng Anh lâu rồi cũng bỏ bê. Hic. Ko biết thế nào đây. Có bạn nào có thêm đề tiếng Anh thì share cho cả nhà với nhé.

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