Tham khảo mẫu CV ( english )

Pham Thanh

Thành viên
Curriculum Vitae
Personal information
First name(s) / Surname(s) name
Permanent Address(es) add
Mobile phone(s) mobile
E-mail wmail
Nationality Vietnamese
Date of birth 09/12/1983
Gender Female
Desired employment International Business Lecturer
Work experience
Dates July 2005- August 2008
Occupation or position held Project officer
Main activities and responsibilities Administration: Performing administration works of the project, managing reports exchanges in the project, supervising the implementations and accomplishments of the project.
Contractors negotiations: Contacting with contractors, negotiating with contractors and drafting out contracts
Budget management: Examining expenditures of the project, performing works with banks, tax authorities and other government agencies
Name and address of employer Vietnam T&M Investment Co, Ltd
Type of business or sector Construction Project
Reason(s) for leaving Studying abroad
Education and training
Dates September 2008 – 2009
Title of qualification awarded Master of International Business
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Evaluating and analyzing market potential in international business. Focus: Cooperation between European companies and developing countries in business of sustainable developments
Master thesis: “Business opportunity of non incineration medical waste treatment in Vietnam for Finnish companies”
Name and type of organization providing education and training Lahti University of Applied Sciences - Finland
Dates 2001 – 2005
Title of qualification awarded Bachelor of Investment Economics
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Evaluating and analyzing project, identifying risks and assessing feasibility of project, planning project
Bachelor thesis: “Evaluating and assessing the situation of investment in seaports in Vietnam”
Name and type of organization providing education and training Hanoi National Economic University - Vietnam
Personal skills and competences
Mother tongue(s) Vietnamese
Other language(s)
English Proficient User
Finnish Basic
Computer skills and competences Competent with most office Microsoft programs.
Additional information Personal Interest : Books reading- Social sciences studying

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