NH.Nước ngoài Standard Chartered Bank tuyển dụng Operations Risk Officer tại TP.HCM


Super Moderator
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Job description:

1. Assist Head of Operational Risk to implement an effective Operational Risk Management Assurance Framework (ORMAF) within Consumer Banking business so that operational risks and control are being managed appropriately at the country level in a proactive, risk based and disciplined manner to meet internal and external and regulatory requirements.
2. Ensure proper functioning of day-to-day controls, periodic monitoring activities, timely identification and resolution of risk issues.
3. Promote a strong operational risk management and compliance culture through ORMAF and business engagement.


Implement & Monitor LKCS, GKCS and LKCSA, GKCSA

1. Ensure adherence to the ORMAF in the identification, assessment, mitigation and control and monitoring of risk. Ensure sufficient traction and follow through management actions to mitigate identified operational risks exposure.

2. Ensure that relevant Group and Business policies are effectively embedded within business unit. Facilitate the implementation of key control standards (KCS), related key control self-assessment (KCSA), and monitoring plans for compliance and operational risk management.

3. Ensure consistent deployment and execution of LKCS, GKCS, LKCSA, GKCSA.

4. Ensure losses, risk events, policy deviations, LKCSA & GKCSA exceptions, are recorded, reviewed and reported. Engage appropriate stakeholders to ensure timely remedial actions and escalation of situations that pose significant risk.

5. Assist Head of Operational Risk in the implementation of OR framework or other relevant OR initiatives.
Exposure Review/ Investigation

6. Participate in the investigation/ review of negative operational risk exposure (internal and external) as it arises.

7. Value-add to the business unit by identifying new, thematic and developing risks, providing operational risk advice through ORMAF and ad hoc reviews (Accountability reviews, Lessons Learnt reviews, Process/ Control reviews) at the unit.

Design and Setup

8. Assist in identifying risk in product process changes. Ensure that the operational risk implications of changes are anticipated and clearly signalled to appropriate stakeholders. Escalate to appropriate stakeholders when operational risks threaten to breach tolerances.


9. Timely communicate the socialisation of audit/ control issues in country CB

10. Provide basic training on local key control standards, generic key control standards, its relevant KCSA to UORMs/RP to promote risk management and compliance culture in CB Business

11. Ensure gaps on processes, system, and people are correctly identified, reported and mitigated on timely manner.

12. Ensure proper follow up of issues raised by Audit

13. Ensure risk and loss information are inputted into Phoenix, and escalation where action is not taken.

14. Ensure new OR task implemented timely and successfully.

15. Support and advise UORMs/RPs on their day-to-day controls activities.

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