NH.Nước ngoài Hong Leong Bank Vietnam tuyển dụng Direct Sales Senior Executive tại Hà Nội & TP.HCM


Job description:

Deliver sales excellence in identifying and meeting the needs of retail lending customers:

- Consistently meet and exceed monthly sales targets. Ensure self-discipline on daily individual sales activities (i.e: approaching customers, prospecting, cold calling, conducting presentation...) to achieve consistent sales results.
- Diligence in helping line manager to maintain and to develop business relationship with partners (i.e: auto dealers, property brokers).
- Conduct high sales quality standard by adhering to internal/external sales quality standard. No fraudulent cases happened.
- Continuous improvement in the depth and breath of product knowledge and skill set across product range via various learning aids (i.e: on-job-training, coaching, in house training...)

Deliver excellence service quality:

- Produce work of a high standard of quality, efficiency and accuracy in daily operations.
- Ensure all applications/credit papers submitted for approval are completed to a high standard in all respects.
- Handle customers’ complaints (if any) properly and promptly, and within regulated internal responding time.
- Ensure having no operational mistakes that lead to financial loss to customers and the Bank.
- Comply strictly to internal/external regulations relating to banking operation in Vietnam.


- Assist time to time on reports & statistics, i.e: market update/survey of product trends and competition.



- At least 02 years working experience within a minimum 12 months in a related field/experience

Special Skills

- Strong sales skill, sound communication/negotiation/presentation skills and excellent customer service orientation.
- Ability to work independently as well as to work in a team
- Ability to handle multitask and to work under pressure
- Fluency in English is advantaged.

Interested candidates can click "Apply" below to send CVs (in English) via email.


Bạn nào đã thi tuyển Nh này rồi cho xin ít kinh nghiệm với ah
hôm nay mới đi phỏng vấn NH này, có bạn này có từng thi tuyển share information cho mình với "quy trình tuyển bên này như thế nào vậy?" sau bao lâu thì bên HR mới liên lạc với mình?" hồi hộp quá đi àh
Thanks nhìu nhé >:D<
Thấy chủ đề này ít bạn thảo luận quá vậy??? quy trình tuyển dụngg của NH này cũng hok thấy lun là sao :((

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