NH.Nước ngoài Busan Bank thông báo tuyển dụng Thực tập sinh tại Hồ Chí Minh


Super Moderator
Bank's User
Job Description
- Execute operating expense,
- Control & prepare monthly report on expense/fixed assets
- Source, negotiate & purchase office supplies and stationery
- Instruct & record documents of departments to storage,
- Supervise work of pool of admin staff: Cleaner, Security, Driver,...
- Liaise with colleagues & external contacts to prepare contract
- Perform other duties as requested by the Management
- Detail will be discussed in the interview

Job Requirement
- University graduates (major in Banking, Economics, Foreign Trade or Korean language)
- Ability to communicate in English or Korean well
- Communication skills and good problem solving skill, time management and work independently
- Assiduous, honest, detailed, careful, exact
- High sense of responsibility and ability to work in teams;

Please fill in attached CV FORM. And send it to both of these email addresses:
Busanbank.hcmc@gmail.com or do8577@busanbank.co.kr (Senior Manager - Mr. LEE DONG JIN)

Deadline to apply: 31/07/2018