l/c payment

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    Mọi người giúp em case study này với ạ

    Câu 3: L/C: 2021ABC2801123 dated 28th April, 2021 Amount: USD130,500.00 L/C at sight Advising Bank: OCBC Shanghai Beneficiary: Purple CouldCo., Ltd –HongKong Applicant: Hung SangCo., Ltd Issuing bank: ABC bank, Vietnam After examining the presented documents, ABC bank advised the applicant...
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    Mọi người giúp em giải quyết tình huống này với ạ! L/C required: Lastest date of shipment: 10 aug Period for the presentation: after 21 days from the date of shipment but within the validity of the credit Presented docs: Shipment date: 01 aug Issuing bank receive the...
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